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Personal and Business Real Estate

Home Purchase
Purchase of your home is probably the biggest investment decision you will ever make. Doug Dinning and Ron Greve have years of experience representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

If you are the buyer, there is no one representing your interests. The real estate agent normally represents the seller and the mortgage company and title company are looking out for their own interests. Michigan real estate law is still largely a system of "buyer beware".

Mortgate Application

There are many things that can go wrong, including liens on the property, leaky basements, boundary problems, building code violations and many other problems too numerous to list.

Early involvement of an attorney can avoid many potential problems and ensure you are getting what you paid for. Remember, though, that you need to talk to an attorney before you sign the Purchase Agreement. If you sign the Purchase Agreement without legal advice, you are going to be stuck with what you have signed. The Purchase Agreement is the contract which controls everything that happens in a real estate transaction. Do not be fooled by pre-printed "fill in the blank" forms. This is not a "standard form" that is the same for every transaction. Most terms are negotiable and the form needs to be customized to your particular situation.

Business Real Estate
Purchase or lease of business property involves many complex issues and Doug and Ron can help guide you through the transaction.

The typical commercial lease can run to twenty or more pages of fine print. In every transaction, you need to consider environmental issues, zoning, code violations, sign ordinances, State and Federal tax liens, common area maintenance charges, insurance and a host of other issues. We can help do the necessary "due diligence" and make sure you are not buying into problems that you should have foreseen.

Doug and Ron can assist in a variety of other real estate issues including preparation of leases, eviction of tenants, bringing or defending law suits, negotiating with insurance companies and clearing up title problems.

Dinning & Greve
Located in Roseville, Dinning & Greves, P.L.C., represents clients throughout Michigan, in cities including:
Eastpointe, St. Clair Shores, Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton, Harrison, Macomb, Shelby and Washington Townships.
Our firm also represents clients in Oakland County, Wayne County, and Macomb County.

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